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Diabetes 6 Week Solution + 3 Free Bonuses

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Diabetes 6 Week Solution + 3 Free Bonuses

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"This program has everything you need to succeed. I hope you
find the information within the six week solution to be helpful, straightforward, and encouraging. Before you get started, I
want to give you a quick overview of what to expect and how to make this work best for you.

Build Your Own Meal Plan. This guide walks you through exactly how to create a balanced meal every time you eat.

It allows for complete customization to create the variety you desire.

✔ Carb & Calorie Add In-s . T h. e goal is to be full and satisfied with your meals, this isn't a diet (woohoo!). If you need to add more, no problem! Here is a list of lower carb options that you can include in your meals or snacks as needed.

Quick & Easy Guides. Your quick and easy guides have 25 low carb meal ideas for each meal of the day- breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. These can be used interchangeably throughout your six week solution if you would like
to swap out any meals or snacks.

Pantry Staples. At the beginning of week one, you will see the pantry staples. This is a list of items I recommend having on hand throughout the six week solution and beyond. Please note that the pantry staples are not included
in the weekly grocery lists.

Time Saving Meal Prep Suggestions. At the beginning of each week, you will also notice a few suggestions to cook and prep some food on the weekend in order to save time throughout the week.

Carbs at Each Meal. Carb counting done for you. :) Each meal includes the exact amount of carbohydrates listed directly after the meal description or recipe.

Daily Nutritional Breakdown. At the far right of each day, you will see the complete nutritional breakdown (in both grams and percentages) of what you are eating every day. This is all expertly calculated to ensure you are meeting
all of your nutritional needs. :) "

Lori Zanini, RD, CDE