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The DOs
  • The photo/video must include yourself and the product, with the product as the hero of the image.
  • The Herbaly tea package must be the only visible brand in the image and must be standing upright or held upright with the front of the package clearly visible.
  • The content must include a review of the product and mention and least 1 health benefit (see Favorite Teas section for acceptable statements)
  • A review can also be about, the taste, the smell, the organic ingredients, the compostable pyramid tea bags, the fast shipping, etc.
  • The content must include the hashtags #stayherbaly as well as the hashtag of the tea blend (i.e. #wellnesscollection #skinnyleaf #immunewarrior)
  • The content must include the handle @herbaly
  • Your post must include #ad to let your viewers know that it is a paid sponsorship.
  • The post must include your promo code or affiliate link if you were given one.’
  • The post must tag the business partner (see branded content instructions in next section)
  • For your creative, incorporate the product into your daily routine
  • If taking photo/video indoors, be sure the background is clean and neat.
  • If taking photo/video outdoors, be sure the background is clean and neat, no visible garbage cans, unpleasant imagery, or billboards.
  • Take photo/video during a sunny day if outdoors, or with sufficient lighting if indoors.
  • Make sure you are using the highest quality photo/video setting when creating your content and that the sound is clear (no windy background, traffic, television)
  • *Please review what keywords/claims to avoid mentioning in the following section*