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Healthy Teas.

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Welcome to Herbaly

The Premium Provider of Healthy Teas

Herbaly fuses together scientific understanding with a focus on flavor to bring you delicious herbal remedies that are proven to promote optimum health. Each cup of Herbaly tea is a health-boosting infusion of organic ingredients.

Take back control of your health with teas that are
100% GMO free, cruelty free, gluten free, dairy free & soy free.



USDA Organic

GMO Free

Made in the USA

Gluten Free

Proudly Made in the USA

Herbaly’s facility is FDA registered and all teas are manufactured from the very best, ethically sourced organic ingredients.

Wellness Collection Tea

A Unique Blend of Ingredients To Naturally Control Blood Sugar Levels & Fight Disease

✓ Fights Diabetes

✓ Reduces Inflammatin

✓ Lowers High Cholesterol

✓ Aids Digestion

✓ Lowers High Cholesterol

✓ Aids Digestion

Benefit Packed
Organic Ingredients


Most well known for its ability to regulate blood glucose levels and prevent the onset of diabetes


This anti-inflammatory protects against diabetes as well as cardiac and hepatic disorders

Fennel Seed 

Known for its anti-cancer effect and powerful antioxidant content

Dandelion Root

Proven to contain anti-tumor properties and protect the liver


Referred to as Holy Basil for its powerful benefits including increasing insulin and reducing glucose levels

Turmeric Root 

Scientifically proven to help repair cognitive impairment in diabetes sufferers

Lavender Petals

A powerful herb which improves insulin regulation and metabolism of glucose


An antioxidant and excellent source of fibre and iron that controls blood sugar levels

Our Wellness Collection

Is full of antioxidants

Supports heart health

Helps you stay hydrated

Can aid in weight loss

Helps regulate blood sugar

Fights high cholesterol

Reduces fat content in the blood

Aids in healthy digestion


Herbaly teas are made from plants, flowers, roots, spices and herbs which have simply been dried to create a wonderful variety of tastes and different health properties.

The Herbaly Promise

GMO Free

Gluten Free

USDA Organic


No Artificial Flavor

No Preservatives

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Made in the USA

Environmentally Friendly

100% Money Back Guarantee

Specially formulated to fight diabetes, reduce high cholesterol and encourage healthy digestion. The Wellness Collection tea is the perfect antidote to a busy lifestyle, and an essential tool for those living with diabetes. Crammed full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients which help protect from cell damage and prevent disease, as well as natural glucose-regulating chemicals that regulate blood sugar.

Made with USDA organic ingredients

Herbaly’s Wellness Collection Tea
is the Health Supplement
You’ve Been Waiting For

The easy way to control blood sugar levels

Disease-fighting antioxidants

Anti-hyperglycemic to aid weight loss

Anti-inflammatory ingredients

Carefully selected blend of ingredients

Protects your vital organs

Delicious flavor

Take control of your health

The perfect blend of ingredients
to provide long term health benefits

Every ingredient in the Wellness Collection Tea has been selected for its medicinal properties. Our researchers have searched the globe to source the very best quality organic suppliers resulting in a tea that is ethical, delicious and promotes long term health.


9 Carefully Selected and Researched
Organic Ingredients

At Herbaly, we believe that wellness teas should deliver excellent health benefits and also taste great. That’s why we only select the very best, organic ingredients for our teas.