9 Tips on How To Stick With A Diet in the New Year

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9 Tips on How To Stick With A Diet in the New Year  - Herbaly

February 22, 2023

Making New Year’s resolutions is a great way to start a clean slate. When you set a resolution, be it verbally or not, you have taken the first step to accomplishing it. And deciding to have a healthy diet and nutrition is an excellent resolution to have this New Year. 

While it may seem challenging to change your diet, it can be easier than you may have thought. For example, incorporating a cup ofskinny leaf tea goes a long way in helping you develop and enjoy a healthy diet. You can do many more things to help you stick to a healthy diet, and that is what we will discuss in this article. 


9 Tips on how to get started on a healthy diet 

If you have had a tough time starting and sticking with a healthy diet in the past, don’t be discouraged. Here are some tips to help you stay more consistent on a healthy diet. 

1. Set small and realistic goals 

When you want to eat more healthily, the best approach is to change your diet in small bits. Set a small target on healthy meals you want to have every day. For example, having a cup of skinny leaf tea every morning or having a vegetable every day in your diet is a great place to start. The aim is to make your goals realistic to something you know you can be consistent with. 

2. Simply start 

One reason many people find it hard to get started on a healthy diet is that they procrastinate. When you have your mind set on a goal, simply start. There is no point waiting for the next day, week, or month to begin. 

3. Track your progress 

Monitoring your progress is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated as you begin to see results. Also, when you keep track of your diet, it helps you hold yourself accountable. To keep track of your diet progress, you can keep a food journal or use any of the many free apps to track your diet, weight, and exercise. 

4. Avoid skipping meals or snacks. 

Don't skip meals! This tip may sound to some like an express route to being overweight. But by not skipping meals, you mitigate overeating later. Staying up to five hours without eating will zap your energy. So, always have a healthy meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have snacks between meals. 

5. Weekly meal prep helps. 

If you haven’t been sticking with a healthy diet because you barely have time, prepare your meals weekly. Prepare wholesome meals and store them in your refrigerator. This way, even when you don't have time to prepare a nice healthy meal, it wouldn't cause you to go back to eating fast food. 

6. Hydrate 

Remember that staying well hydrated is equally important. It would be best if you stay hydrated with the main water. However, you can add a nice cup oficed skinny leaf tea to quench and help with digestion and detox. But this isn't a license to drink more soda; instead, you should avoid drinking soda. 

7. Stay active 

Staying active is an excellent way to keep the body in shape. Staying active helps improve your cardiovascular system and helps you sleep better. Going to the gym is great, but if you can't, jogging or taking a brisk walk will also suffice. 

8. Sleep well 

Sleep is essential when you want to live healthily. When you have a good sleep, it helps refresh the brain, thus making you more productive. And the food you eat goes a long way in helping you have a smoother sleep. For example, high-protein fast food before bed can disrupt your sleep as it takes longer to digest. So, always plan your diet, particularly dinner, and incorporating skinny leaf tea can help your food digest faster for a smoother sleep. 

9. Focus on nutrients and whole foods 

Finally, when you want to change your diet, focus on the nutrient composition of your food. Aim to have more natural and less processed food items because they contain more healthy nutrients. 

Overall, changing your diet this New Year is a great way to live a healthy life. While at it, remember to take advantage of the numerous health benefitsHerbaly skinny leaf tea brings. Hopefully, with these tips in this guide, you should be able to find it easier to stick to a healthier diet this New Year. 

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