6 Benefits of Drinking Milk Thistle Tea

By Bridget Reed
Medically Reviewed by:

Heidi Wright, BSN, RN, PCCN, and Certified Master Herbalist

6 Benefits of Drinking Milk Thistle Tea

November 03, 2023

Milk thistle tea, with its earthy flavor and bountiful benefits, has been a go-to for wellness enthusiasts for centuries. It’s not just another herbal tea; it’s a brew steeped in ancient practices, offering support to various body functions and structures, particularly the liver. 

This herbal beverage, created from the seeds of the Silybum marianum plant, is like a friendly companion in the journey of well-being, weaving a blend of history, science, and holistic health that’s as fascinating as it is beneficial.

What Is Milk Thistle?

Let’s take a step back in time to where it all began. Milk thistle found its first fans in the Mediterranean, growing happily under the sun-drenched skies. It wasn’t long before the ancient Greeks and Romans caught on to its supportive properties, integrating milk thistle into their daily wellness rituals. Renowned herbalists and physicians of yore, such as Dioscorides, spoke highly of its ability to support liver well-being.

The connection between milk thistle and liver health has woven through centuries and across civilizations. It’s been a consistent herbal buddy, offering its benefits in supporting liver conditions and maintaining liver function. This revered plant has traveled far and wide, becoming a staple in natural remedies globally, and its popularity is a testament to its enduring supportive role in holistic health.

What Is Silymarin?

Now, let’s delve into the heart of milk thistle: silymarin. This component is the essence of milk thistle's supportive properties. It’s a complex mix of flavonolignans, renowned for their ability to battle oxidative stress and fend off free radicals, acting as the guardians of our body’s wellness.

Most of the research spotlight falls on silymarin and its main component, silibinin, exploring their potential to safeguard liver health and balance blood sugar levels, among other wellness-promoting properties. It’s primarily found in the seeds of the milk thistle plant, making the seed-based tea a favorite for those keen on embracing the herb’s benefits. 

The blend of traditional wisdom and modern science around silymarin and milk thistle enriches our perspective, helping us appreciate this versatile herbal ally on a whole new level.

What Are the Health Benefits of Milk Thistle Tea?

The benefits of drinking milk thistle tea are plentiful, and they extend far beyond just supporting your liver. Let’s explore six significant perks of incorporating this herbal tea into your routine.

1. Supports Liver Health

Milk thistle tea is widely appreciated for its supportive role in maintaining liver health. Its active component, silymarin, lends a hand in supporting the body during exposure to threats that may compromise liver function. In doing so, it helps make sure this vital organ remains hearty and able to perform its essential tasks effectively.

2. Helps Maintain Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Milk thistle — found in our Glucose Functional Tea — can be a supportive friend when it comes to maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. Milk thistle helps maintain a stable environment within the body, ensuring the processes involved in blood sugar management work smoothly. Regularly enjoying this herbal tea can be a proactive step towards a balanced and harmonious internal environment.

3. Supports Skin Wellness

Pamper your skin with the nurturing touch of milk thistle tea. Its antioxidant properties work to maintain skin health and vitality, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. By incorporating milk thistle tea into your routine, you’re enveloping your skin in a caring embrace, helping it radiate its natural beauty.

4. Supports Weight Management

In the realm of weight management, milk thistle tea steps in as a helpful partner. It supports the body’s natural processes in managing weight, assisting those on their journey to attain their wellness goals. Integrating this wholesome beverage into your daily regimen can be a delightful way to bolster your efforts in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

5. Supports Bone Health

Milk thistle tea isn’t just about liver and skin; it also helps support bone health. It can help support your body’s natural ability to maintain bone health, reinforcing their strength and resilience. Embracing milk thistle tea can help give your bones an extra boost, ensuring they stay strong throughout the years.

6. Helps Support Cognitive Function

A gift of the Silybum marianum plant, milk thistle tea can also lend a hand when it comes to cognitive wellness. It’s renowned for its potential to support brain health, working to help maintain feelings of mental clarity and alertness.

Are There Any Side Effects of Milk Thistle Tea?

While the effects of milk thistle in promoting wellness are widely celebrated, it’s also crucial to understand the other side of the coin. 

The consumption of milk thistle supplements or tea may lead to allergic reactions in some, especially those allergic to the Asteraceae family plants like ragweed, marigolds, and chrysanthemums. Because of this, it’s essential to be mindful and watch for any adverse reactions when introducing milk thistle to your routine.

Some may experience side effects such as gastrointestinal upset. Thus, it’s always wise to consult with a healthcare provider or a healthcare professional before embracing milk thistle tea, especially for those with liver damage or any underlying liver conditions (like liver disease) or those on medication for issues like type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol levels. Your doctor will be able to give you personalized advice on incorporating milk thistle into your wellness routine. 

How To Make the Most of Milk Thistle Tea

To savor every drop of wellness from milk thistle tea, it’s important to make it a seamless part of your holistic health journey. Here’s a blend of insights to optimize your experience and enjoy the multifaceted benefits of this herbal brew harmoniously.

Quality Matters

Opt for high-quality milk thistle tea or supplements to ensure you receive the full spectrum of benefits without compromise. High-quality products guarantee the presence of silymarin, the active ingredient, enhancing the effects of milk thistle on liver health, blood sugar levels, and overall wellness.

Brewing the Perfect Cup

A good rule of thumb is to steep milk thistle tea for around 15 minutes to extract the beneficial compounds effectively. Remember, the tea is derived from milk thistle seeds, which are the heart of the Silybum marianum plant’s benefits.

Customize Your Routine

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to herbal remedies. Start with a lower quantity and observe how your body responds before making it a regular part of your diet. This will also help in identifying any potential allergic reaction early.

While milk thistle tea is a fantastic complementary addition, relying solely on it is not a silver bullet. Maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate hydration are crucial elements in achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness.

A Final Word

At Herbaly, we value the synergy of tradition and well-being embodied in our Functional Teas, brimming with antioxidants and enriched with healing ingredients like Milk Thistle. These teas are a testament to the multifaceted health benefits of herbs, offering support to liver health, balanced blood sugar levels, and overall wellness. 

As you sip on our carefully crafted blends, you’re not just enjoying a beverage; you’re embracing a holistic experience, connecting with ancient wisdom, and reaping the benefits of nature’s gifts. We invite you to experience this blend of history, healing, and taste with our Herbaly tea, savoring each drop of wellness.


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