Naturally Reduce Your Caffeine Intake Using Herbal Tea

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Naturally Reduce Your Caffeine Intake Using Herbal Tea - Herbaly

March 10, 2023

The caffeine in coffee helps get the brain going to set the right tone for a productive day. It’s common practice that many people start their day with a cup of coffee. In America alone, over 42.9% of its population are avid coffee drinkers. This population consumed an average of 3.3 billion pounds of coffee in 2021 alone.

Drinking coffee is excellent, but it also comes with a downside. Instead of having a cup of coffee, herbal teas are a great alternative. Starting your day with a cup ofherbal tea has several benefits, making it a viable solution to reduce caffeine intake.

How to reduce caffeine intake?

Too much caffeine in your system alters your sleep cycle, affecting your daytime alertness and performance. To reduce your caffeine intake, one of the first things you want to do is reduce the number of cups of coffee you have daily. Reducing your caffeine intake comes with several benefits, such as better sleep.

The best way to reduce your caffeine intake is to do so gradually. Brewing coffee for about a minute contains half the amount of caffeine than coffee brewed for 3 minutes. As such, you might need a much safer alternative, such as decaffeinated coffee or herbal tea. If you must take coffee, go for one with a shorter brew time.

Why can tea replace coffee?

Herbal tea is a suitable replacement for coffee because it is a healthy source of caffeine. Some herbal tea contains caffeine and other beneficial constituents. Also, the caffeine content in tea is considerably lower than in coffee, making it a suitable replacement if you are trying to reduce your overall caffeine intake.

Another benefit of taking tea is that it can slow down how quickly caffeine is absorbed into the body. Take green tea, for example; it contains amino acids and L-theanine, both compounds that slow the body’s rate of absorbing caffeine. As such, when you have a cup of herbal tea early in the morning, you wouldn’t have to deal with the typical crash that comes with drinking too much coffee.

What are the benefits of drinking tea in the morning?

Drinking herbal tea in the morning instead of coffee has various benefits. Below are some of the benefits of drinking herbal tea in the morning.

  • Clears morning brain fog

It’s common to feel dehydrated when you wake up in the morning. After all, you’ve been sleeping for hours without any liquids. Dehydration can cause you to wake up, and your brain feels foggy and sluggish. Rehydrating yourself with a cup of herbal wellness tea comes with several advantages. The polyphenolic, antioxidant, and catechins compounds in herbal tea help promote your mental health.

  • Boost your metabolism

Green tea is a popular herbal tea that encourages the body to use more stored body fat as a fuel source, thus promptingweight loss. Another benefit of drinking herbal tea early in the morning is that it helps to boost your metabolism. As such, if you want something that will help accelerate weight loss, drinking the proper tea in the morning is the way to go.

  • It helps you recover after a workout

After a workout, the body loses a lot of electrolytes. Working out in the morning is excellent, but if the lost electrolyte is not replenished after a morning workout, the positive effects of the workout will almost be lost. Drinking a cup of herbal tea after a morning workout helps replenish lost electrolytes, rehydrate the body, and even promotes the repair of damaged cells. As such, muscles recover faster after a cup of herbal tea, thus increasing your efficiency for the day.

  • It helps promote better blood sugar regulation

Maintaining a balanced sugar level is essential for everyone. Having a too-low or too-high blood sugar level is a dangerous situation. Enjoying herbal wellness tea can help the body better regulate blood sugar. So, after consuming a meal with a cup of herbal wellness, your blood sugar will not spike or drop drastically.

  • Promotes a healthy intestinal inflammation response

People sensitive to caffeine tend to experience irritable bowels when they consume too much coffee. However, taking a cup of herbal wellness tea helps promote a better healthy intestinal inflammation response. You can still get the same benefits of coffee and more while drinking herbal tea.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of drinking tea are numerous! Conclusively, several herbal wellness teas can be a perfect alternative to reducing caffeine intake. You can boost your energy and alertness with herbal wellness tea without dealing with the jittering feeling of drinking coffee. Moreover, herbal tea is a great way to boost metabolism and curb appetite.

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