10 Health Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

By Bridget Reed
Medically Reviewed by:

Heidi Wright, BSN, RN, PCCN, and Certified Master Herbalist

10 Health Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

January 14, 2024

Turkey tail mushrooms, known to the scientific community as Trametes versicolor or Coriolus versicolor, are more than just a unique feature in the fungal kingdom. With their color patterns resembling those of a turkey's tail, these mushrooms have been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. 

Along with China, Japan and other parts of Asia hold them in high regard, attributing various wellness advantages to these fungi. Mushrooms like yun zhi and reishi mushrooms also lead the charge in Asian medicinal practices alongside turkey tail, establishing medicinal mushrooms as a core of Asian culture. 

Let’s review everything you need to know about turkey tail mushrooms.

What Are Turkey Tail Mushrooms?

Characterized by their fan-shaped, multicolored growth rings, turkey tail mushrooms mirror the appearance of a turkey’s tail. This unique feature contributes to their adaptability. Found predominantly on decaying hardwood trees, these mushrooms thrive in diverse habitats, seen in forests across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Beyond their looks and geographical footprint, turkey tails hold a lot of history. Long before modern science began to acknowledge the potential health benefits of mushrooms, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners were already utilizing turkey tails. 

Turkey tail mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of a fungus that grows on wood. Known for its potential to support various aspects of wellness, this mushroom has been a staple in ancient herbal concoctions, embodying the age-old Asian belief of nature's role in supporting human health.

What Are the Health Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms?

Modern research has now begun to dive deeper into the health-supportive properties of turkey tail mushrooms, making them a sought-after ingredient in dietary supplements and listed as a common supplemental ingredient by the National Institute of Health (NIH)

Here are six health benefits attributed to these fungi:

1. Support and Maintenance of Immune Function

Turkey tail mushrooms have complementary factors that support the immune system. Compounds such as polysaccharopeptide (PSP) and polysaccharide k (PSK), or krestin, found abundantly in turkey tail, may play an instrumental role in supporting immune responses. 

A clinical trial has shown that protein-bound polysaccharides may support the activity of immune cells, helping the body maintain its natural defenses. Beta-glucans, a type of complex carbohydrate in these mushrooms, have been known for their role in supporting healthy immune cell activity.

2. Rich in Antioxidants

Turkey tail mushrooms are packed with a variety of antioxidants, including flavonoids and phenols, which can support the body’s natural defenses against oxidative stress. Regularly incorporating turkey tail extract or supplements into your wellness routine can provide a source of valuable antioxidants.

3. Gut Health Support

The gut plays a central role in overall health, and ensuring its optimal function is important. Turkey tail mushrooms contain prebiotics, substances that help nourish beneficial bacteria in the gut, helping to maintain a balanced gut microbiome. With gut health intricately linked to various body functions, from digestion to immune responses, turkey tail has the potential to support a healthy gut ecosystem.

4. Support for Emotional Wellness

Certain bioactive compounds in turkey tail mushrooms have been linked to supporting your emotional health and cognitive function. The erinacine and hericenone ingredients in turkey tail may support the proper production of nerve growth factor, contributing to overall emotional wellness support.

We feature turkey tail mushrooms in our Mood Mushroom Complete for Stress Capsules alongside ashwagandha, lion’s mane, reishi, and holy basil for a holistic approach to managing tension.

5. Natural Support for Weight Management

Turkey tail mushrooms are low in calories and high in fiber, a combination that can support weight management. The presence of polysaccharides can aid in maintaining your weight with evidence-based properties that have been observed to support a healthy appetite. Combined with regular physical activity, turkey tail intake may contribute to supporting a healthy weight. “Many people find adding turkey tail to their diet supports their energy levels,” notes Heidi Wright, Registered Nurse and Certified Herbalist.

6. Supports Healthy Blood Sugar 

Turkey tail mushrooms may show potential for maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. Compounds such as beta-glucans present in these mushrooms are thought to support proper insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. Incorporating these mushrooms into your daily rituals may support the management of glycemic levels. 

For well-rounded heart health and blood sugar support, pair your turkey tail mushrooms with our Glucose Functional Tea — a unified blend of natural ingredients like dandelion root, tulsi leaf, and milk thistle, crafted for holistic benefits. Though this tea doesn’t contain turkey tail, it makes a great complement to turkey tail in your routine.

7. Supports Sports Performance

Turkey tail mushrooms host a variety of bioactive compounds beneficial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. One such compound is cordycepin, which is being explored for its potential role in supporting your strength and endurance

8. Supports Cellular Health

A systematic review of the potential health benefits of turkey tail mushrooms brings to light their potential role in cellular health. Rich in antioxidants, these mushrooms are being looked at for their ability to maintain our natural defenses against oxidative stress — a process that, if unregulated, can affect cellular integrity and function. By supporting cells during exposure to oxidative damage, turkey tail mushrooms provide an additional protection layer, contributing to your overall well-being.

9. Benefits for Skin Health

Turkey tail mushrooms contain antioxidants such as phenols and flavonoids that can support skin health. Some scientific literature suggests that these antioxidants can help maintain skin integrity and promote its well-being. Adding turkey tail mushrooms into your skincare routine could provide the support your skin needs to maintain its glow.

10. Supports Heart Health

Turkey tail mushrooms are also known for their potential support in heart health. Certain compounds within these fungi might help maintain normal cholesterol levels, an important factor for your heart's well-being. Embracing turkey tail mushrooms in your balanced diet may offer essential support for your heart. 

What Are Some Tips for Incorporating Turkey Tail Mushrooms Into Your Wellness Regimen?

Medicinal mushrooms can seem overwhelming, given the variety of options available. However, knowing the details of incorporating turkey tail mushrooms into your lifestyle can make understanding their benefits easier.

Here are some pointers to help you out:

Choose the Right Form

Turkey tail mushrooms come in various forms — they can be prepared from fresh mushrooms to powder from the fungal mycelium. For those looking to support and maintain their immune function, capsules or mushroom extract might be the best choice due to their concentrated amounts of beneficial compounds like PSP and polysaccharide peptide.

Be Mindful of the Source

Ensure you opt for supplements that come from reputable suppliers, preferably those that engage in organic farming practices. This ensures you get the maximum benefits of turkey tail mushrooms without the risk of contaminants.

Dosage Is Key

While turkey tail mushrooms are generally considered safe for consumption, it's essential to adhere to recommended dosages. Overconsumption can lead to potential side effects. If in doubt, always seek medical advice from a health professional before adjusting your intake.

Pair With Other Medicinal Mushrooms

To further enhance the benefits of turkey tail, consider integrating blends that include other super mushrooms. For instance, our Mood Mushroom supplement combines the benefits of turkey tail with reishi mushroom, also known as ganoderma mushrooms, lion's mane, and ashwagandha. 

Store Properly

To maintain their potency, ensure you store your turkey tail supplements in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. This helps retain the effectiveness of the active compounds.

Incorporate Into Meals

Fresh turkey tail mushrooms can be an excellent addition to soups, teas, or broths. The earthy flavor can enhance the taste of your dishes while providing the health benefits you seek.

Stay Updated

Research on turkey tail mushrooms, like all areas of science, is continually evolving. Regularly check in on the latest findings to ensure you're maximizing the potential benefits and using them safely.


At Herbaly, we celebrate nature's ability to nurture and heal. Turkey tail mushrooms, with their captivating history and health benefits, demonstrate this belief. As the world continues to embrace traditional medicine, we remain committed to providing nature-inspired solutions for holistic wellness. 

To learn more about medicinal mushrooms and holistic health approaches, check out our other resources.


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