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How to use a promo code?

When a customer is in the checkout process and is entering their delivery and payment information. There will be a box where they can apply a Discount Code (see image). Once a customer enters the code, it should active the discount.

Reasons why discount code may not work:
  • Code wasn’t entered it properly
  • Code was already used in a past purchase
  • E-mail wasn’t entered before code was applied
  • If someone still has issues with the discount code, they can reach out
    to customer support at or call 1-833-643-7225.

Where can I view my sales?

Ambassadors can log in to and enter their login information to view sales.
You will see how much commission you have earned since becoming an ambassador, you will see how much is owed to you and you will see how much has already been paid to you.
Any commissions earned in a given month will be in the “Owed” section, until payment is made to you on the 1st business day of the following month.

I forgot login details, what do I do?

Ambassadors can visit and click on the Forgot you Password tab. You will then be sent an e-mail with instruction to create a new password.
If you forgot which e-mail you used, please reach out to

What are my payment options?

Once accepted, Ambassadors must have a PayPal account connected to their profile in order to be part of the ambassador program. Whenever someone makes a purchase using your discount code, you will see a $10 commission appear in your Dovetale account. Herbaly will pay out all commissions on the 1st business day of each month.

Example: If an ambassador’s code is used 15 times during the month of September, they will receive $150.00 in commission appearing in their ambassador account. On October 1st that balance of $150.00 will transfer directly into the ambassadors Paypal account. Paypal may charge withdrawal fees when you personally withdraw money from Paypal to your bank account; Herbaly is not responsible for these fees. Visit to learn more about their fee structure.

Where can I find more information on each product?

You can find detailed information about each product on our website

You can also see approved statements of each product in the “Favorite Teas” section of this page.

What are the content and posting guidelines?

Please refer to the Dos and DONTs of this page for more details. If you still have additional questions, please reach out to

Is there an expiry date for my promo code?

No, your promo code will be active for as long as you are part of the ambassador program. You discount code is only allowed to be used once per customer.

What do I do if a customer reaches out to me with questions.

If a customer reaches out to you for specific information regarding shipping, pricing, payments, complaints, feedback, etc. please refer them to our amazing customer support team. Customer Support can be reached Monday to Friday between 8h00AM EST and 11h00PM EST by calling 1-833-643-7225.

For any additional questions please reach out to