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Functional Tea        

  • The content should not include any medical statements that the product “heals, cure, prevents, fixes, treats, remedies”.
  • Do not guarantee any results from using the product.
  • Do not include any other brands in the photo.
  • Do not mention any other brands or competitors or make any comparisons to competitors.
  • Be mindful of what other products are in the background if you are in your home - avoid displaying other brands.
  • Be mindful of any cars or billboards in the background if you are outside - avoid displaying other brands.
  • Be mindful of what you are wearing - avoid displaying other brands. (i.e. Lacoste Polo, Nike Sweater, etc.)
  • Be mindful of other people in the background if you are creating content outdoors - you should be the only person visible unless you have written consent from your friend, partner, family member if they are included in your content.
  • Our tea blends are considered supplements, they are not medication and should not be showcased in that manner → Do not portray this product as a method of healing or prevention of any disease.
  • You must showcase the product as an enjoyable dietary supplement added to your daily routine / daily diet. As a dietary supplement, it is a wonderful natural addition to one’s diet packed with researched herbs and health benefits from them.